What’s the best way to stimulate interest and generate sales of a brand new product? That was the question facing Thompson and Morgan when they introduced a new plant fertiliser.

When launching the product under the name of incredibloom, Thompson and Morgan decided sampling was the way to go to get their new product into the hands of prospective customers. They were confident that once people saw the results of the product for themselves, they’d be sure to buy a full-size pack.  To make this happen, Thompson and Morgan wanted to create a sample pack that could be included in special plant deals and given away free with mail-order deliveries.

Our brief was to make the mini sample packs mirror the full-size, retail product packaging so that when customers saw the tubs on the garden centre shelf or in a catalogue, they recognised the brand and had already developed an association with the product.

To create the packs, the Glowcroft team underwent a 4 step process:

  1. Packaging design – we knew that the sample packs needed to mirror the full-sized packaging so kept to this brief.
  2. Packaging – The sample packs needed to be lightweight, so they could be given away free with mail-order deliveries.  We chose a material that fitted this brief but was also multi-purpose, so Thompson and Morgan could re-use this design for further sampling initiatives.
  3. Sourcing the parts – We then sourced the materials needed so we could finally…
  4. Package the samples – Ready for distribution to potential customers.

Glowcroft’s creative team designed a consistent, colourful and attractive incredibloom brand across both sample sachets and retail tubs. You could say the sample packs definitely sowed the seeds for future incredibloom sales!

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