Marketing is the first link in the chain of promotion, sales, revenue, and brand loyalty, but what does marketing mean to you? Adverts in magazines and broadcast media perhaps? Mailshots and leaflet drops? Or social networking and ‘going viral’? If you think about marketing as ‘connecting with people who will buy your products’, there is another very effective way of promoting your range… Let ‘em get their hands on the goods!

In marketing, ‘free’ is a very powerful four-letter word (we all like to think we are getting something for nothing) and unlike other forms of marketing, a sample gets people instantly interacting with your product. Providing a free sample is a great way to stimulate a positive reaction. Make the most of this marketing opportunity and you are on your way to building brand awareness and customer loyalty.

“Sometimes by giving a little bit away, you get a lot in return”

Advertising and social media alone do not build strong associations, they rely on potential customers being proactive in order to experience it. Giving away samples puts you in control. Maybe it’s the perceived costs of providing free samples that has prevented you from trying this type of marketing before? That’s understandable, but sometimes by giving a little bit away you get a lot in return, and it could be more cost-effective than you might think. This has certainly been the case for the many Glowcroft customers who have asked us to produce their sample packs – including this happy customer who saw an increase in sales of 97%!

If you’d like to start sampling, just give us a call and tell us what you have in mind, or if your mind is blank, let’s chat through what might be possible. We’ll cover everything from advising packaging formats and brand imagery, producing and applying labels, filling and distributing the sample packs, and developing display systems.

If you already have sample packs, we can advise on how to make them more effective – for example by changing the material used, or making them dual use – and cost-effective.  With our vast expertise in this area, you can trust Glowcroft to get your brand in their hand!