Tin packaging is our format for this month. A high impact, luxury format with a genuine wow factor but also with a real recyclability factor behind it:

  • Tinplate is infinitely recyclable and totally renewable. It has the highest recycling rate of any packaging material.
  • The reusable/keepsake factor adds to the appeal of any product packaged in it. Tin packaging is a great gift format.
  • Suitable for loose filling or as a bag in a tin. You can continue the good message with recyclable film for the bag!
  • It is lightweight, robust and versatile meaning it can be moulded into shapes.
  • Customise your tin packaging with embossing, any size or colour and a variety of lids.
  • Printed sleeves can add a seasonal-focused message to a generic design which provides year-round marketing possibilities.
  • Add items such as scoops, leaflets and marketing material to the contents.

Get in touch to discuss your projects that could benefit from the appeal of tins.