Hand Packing and Assembly is our format for this month. When products are fragile, have no automated machine requirements or need to be uniquely assembled, then hand packing by our dependable team is the perfect solution.

Benefits include:

  • Detailed finishing such as threading ribbons and tying bows, adding gift tags and glue gunning.

  • Ideal for items such as starter kits, gift hampers or baskets.

  • Perfect when multiple items must be identically presented.

  • Our highly-skilled staff can produce intricate and accurately assembled products.

Covid-19 concerns?

You can be assured our professional team implement all the necessary practices and follow government issued guidelines to ensure your valued products are packaged safely, securely and to the highest standards. We are here to help you.

So if you’ve got a product that needs to be hand packed efficiently with care and attention then get in touch and we’ll discuss your requirements.