Aquatic Products

From fish flakes to tank cleaner – everything’s going swimmingly at Glowcroft…

At Glowcroft, we are regularly enlisted to assemble multiple components for aquatic products for consumers, such as holiday feeding kits. For several years we have offered tried and trusted contract packing for a wide variety of products for owners of aquariums, ponds and other aquatic environments.

Whatever your product packaging requirements, Glowcroft will find a solution for the aquatics industry. We supply durable bottles for storing highly sensitive water treatment chemicals, as well as sturdy tubs and containers for fish flakes and pellets that are designed to maintain product freshness for longer.

Our in-house designers can also work with your brand to create bespoke product packaging designs ideal for new product lines and seasonal promotions. These eye-catching designs are great at appealing to existing brand advocates and new impulse customers.

The Glowcroft Service

  • We can tackle a large variety of aquatic product types, including contents as light as fish flakes
  • Pouches, sachets, tubs and tubes are just some of the packaging formats we regularly use for the aquatic industry

Aquatic contract packaging services suitable for:

  • Fish food
  • Water treatments
  • Holiday feeders
  • Micropellets
  • Pond sticks
Aquatic products we pack

Some of the product types we fill and pack …

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