Frequently asked…

We’ve answered the most common questions we receive below. If there’s anything we’ve missed, get in touch!

Q. What can you pack?

A. We can pack liquids, gels, powders, dry products, semi-moist products and offer a blending service too.

Q. What types of packaging can you fill?

A. Our production lines are varied and flexible so we can fill sachets, cartons, tubs, tubes, pouches, bottles, containers, bags, nets. It’s probably easier to tell you what we can’t pack – although we can’t actually think of anything right now…………..!

Q. How do you code products?

A. We have invested in the latest technology and apply inkjet coding or thermal transfer directly to finished products on-line as part of our quality and traceability policy. We don’t use ticket gun labelling.

Q. Do you have any recognised quality systems in place?

A. We conform to the latest ISO standard ISO 9001 : 2015. A copy of our current Registration Certificate is available to view here.

Q. Do you have your own delivery vehicles?

A. We don’t run our own fleet of vehicles. However, we do work closely with a local haulier company and are able to arrange direct delivery or individual pallet delivery via the Pallet Network system.

Q. Are you able to source print and parts on our behalf?

A. We most definitely can. We work with a number of Glowcroft approved suppliers to supply print and parts at very competitive prices.

Q. Do you have a copy of your Terms and Conditions?

A. Click the link to download here: T&Cs