Pots are a low cost and convenient contract packing option…

An ideal packaging solution for single-use products, pot filling is an innovative yet cost-effective packaging format for all types of industries. At Glowcroft, we pack many products into sturdy, 100% recyclable pots, including dry, free-flowing materials, liquids and gels. With the ability to incorporate new or existing designs, delivered bespoke by our in-house designers, our pots can provide a hugely impressive shelf presence, helping to inspire those revenue-boosting impulse buys in-store.

Typical products that suppliers come to us for premium quality pot filling include pet food and treats, horticulture products like grow-your-own produce, as well as convenience snacks such as noodle pots. Our production line is capable of printing wrap-around information on each pot, as well as branding and nutritional information, if necessary.

The Glowcroft Service

  • Additional products can be included in each pot, such as scoops, sachets and leaflets
  • Printed or clear film lids help to seal products for security and lasting freshness
  • An additional lid can be added to make your products resealable for consumers
  • A clear product window can be incorporated into the design of our pots to create consumer intrigue
  • A plethora of pot sizes are available

Pot filling services suitable for:

  • Convenience snacks
  • Cereals
  • ‘Grow-your-own’ horticultural products
  • Pet food and treats


Pot filling illustration

A few we’ve filled…

Examples of pots we've filled and packed

Ideal for a single use packaging format

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