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A great packaging solution for impulse purchases and giveaways…

Sachets offer great value and are a convenient packing solution for many consumable products using clear, white or printed film. At Glowcroft, we regularly pack dry, free-flowing products, liquids and gels into sachets ready for distribution to retailers.

Sachets are easy to pack for shipping and an effective way to transport small quantities of consumables to end users. Our bespoke sachet packing service allows Glowcroft’s expert production team to handle a wide range of substances with no limit on quantity and swift, accurate packing.

The Glowcroft Service

  • Flexible sachet sizing options
  • Sachets can be bandoliered together in a line, if necessary
  • Block bottom sachet format can be made to stand up easily on store shelves, ensuring maximum shelf presence
  • Capable of packing two different products within a single sachet
  • Tear notches and euro slots are optional extras
  • Capable of labelling and batch coding sachets online

Sachet packing services suitable for:

  • Single-use products
    Opt for a controlled, disposable method of delivering single-use products to your customers
  • Product trials
    Sachet packing is ideal when time is of the essence, providing a suitable packaging solution for trialling and testing new products
  • Product sampling
    Sachets are perfect for distributing product samples to prospective and existing clients, helping to generate more revenue
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A few we’ve filled…

examples of sachets we've filled

Economical, versatile, it remains a go-to for products and promotions

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