Tube filling provides a compact, tactile solution…

Tubes offer an innovative and convenient packaging format, complete with 100% recyclability for retailers and customers. Our state-of-the-art production line enables us to fill and seal thousands of tubes per shift, as well as tubes in a multitude of sizes and shapes. Primarily, our clients specify our contract tube filling services for packing dry, free-flowing products into branded tubes. The end result is an outstanding shelf presence that encourages impulse purchases and drives additional revenue.

Our in-house designers can work in close liaison with our clients to develop an eye-catching product marketing solution for any tube-filled products. We can also handle all of the labelling, coding, finished product packing and palletising, ready for distribution to retailers across the country.

The Glowcroft Service

  • Tamper evident seals, designed to protect your products
  • Resealable plastic or metal lids ensure product freshness and help to prolong the shelf life of highly perishable contents
  • Additional products can be included in each tube, such as scoops, sachets or small leaflets
  • Foil blocking and metallic print can highlight your branding or add a touch of Christmas sparkle for seasonal products

Tube filling services suitable for:

  • Pet food
  • Sports equipment
  • Snacks
  • Confectionary
  • DIY consumables
  • Toiletries


tubes illustration

A few that we’ve filled…

customer products tubes

A tube offers that ‘something different’ on the shop shelves

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