Wild Bird Food

From premium packs to nuts in nets – at Glowcroft we cater for all your wild bird food requirements…

At Glowcroft, we boast a wealth of knowledge and experience in packing pet food products having worked hand-in-hand with many pet food brands that are household names across the UK. Whether it’s complete foods, treats, training kits and sticks (of the meaty variety!) we can handle a broad spectrum of pet food snacks and meals.

We offer pet food suppliers a contract packaging service with various packaging and design formats, with the aim of creating the most cost-effective and efficient packaging solutions to maintain the quality and freshness of our suppliers’ pet foods.

Choose from a wide range of pet food packaging solutions, such as four-corner seal bags, convenient stand-up pouches and three-side seal bags for smaller pet snacks and treats. Our in-house designers can also work with you to design and produce brand-new packaging that’s on-brand, ideal for new product lines and promotions.

The Glowcroft Service

  • From testing the market with new products to filling high-volume, established pet food ranges, at Glowcroft we provide innovative and practical packing solutions.
  • We’re also experienced in the packaging of small animal feed for rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, as well as food for chickens, tortoises, hedgehogs and other alternative family pets.

Pet food contract packaging services suitable for:

  • Dog and cat food
  • Small animal food
  • Bird seeds
  • Fish food
  • Pet biscuits and treats
wild bird food products packed

Some of the products we pack …

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