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Contract packing is the outsourcing of packing tasks to expert providers – often including filling, packing and labelling. Glowcroft offers contract packing services and works with businesses to understand their products and help them find the most effective packing solutions – and then we carry out the packing of the products for our customers.

Businesses use co packers when they don’t have the facilities, machinery or expertise to carry out quality packing tasks in-house. This can be for one off promotions, outsourcing work when you do not have enough capacity or allowing us to be your sole manufacturer.

After a quote is accepted and PO received, our lead time is generally 4 weeks but this can vary depending on several factors like machine availability and any component lead times, you will be kept updated on this every step of the way.

This will be determined at the quoting stage as every product we pack is different, some are quicker to pack than others. We can support new aspiring brand owners to large multinational brands.

We can pack a wide range of products using auto or semi-auto machines such as dry free flowing, granular powder, liquids, semi-moist, kit collations and even custom items that might require a more personal touch. (See Packaging section of the website for more information) It’s probably easier to ask us what we can’t pack.

We have invested in the latest technology and apply inkjet coding or thermal transfer directly to finished products on-line as part of our quality and traceability policy.

No, we only have space for work in progress components to carry out our amazing work. We are happy to arrange collections and distribution and work with a third party storage provider to offer any additional storage space that you may require.

No, unfortunately our various facilities are set up to pack a range of products including animal by products for pets, horticultural products and various consumer products but nothing for human consumption.

The short answer is yes, however we would need a sample to make sure it is compatible with our machinery.

We have over 120 customers from aspiring startups to huge multinational brands and manufacturers.

Yes, we can help with packing capacity to help you fulfill your orders. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Although we are a contract packer you do not in fact get a contract. You receive a quotation for your packing requirements and a customer account form. New customers will be on a 50% proforma invoice with balance due 30 days from DOI.

Packaging & Formats

We can source and supply a range of packaging options from our list of approved suppliers. We have a great relationship with many suppliers that we have worked with for many years and can help you to achieve the best results for your products.

Although Glowcroft is renowned for being flexible with our customers that’s not the answer! Flexible packaging is any package whose shape can be changed when filled or during use. This includes formats such as paper, plastic, film and aluminium foil, or any combination of these materials to produce bags, pouches, flow-wraps and other flexible products.

The sachets that we fill are a lay flat 3 side fin sealed sachet (think of a crisp packet). A pouch typically can stand-up on its own providing better shelf presence and resealability. Both can often be referred to as “bags”, but they are in fact very different formats.

VFFS or vertical form fill and seal is another way of describing a sachet, these are a lay flat 3 side fin sealed sachet (think of a crisp packet).

Doypack is another name for a stand up pouch. They can be created from a single or several layers of different types of materials. They can include extra features such as spouts, valves, handles, euroslots and more and offer an excellent packaging solution for many products.

Yes, euro slots can be added to sachets and pouches during the sealing process.

Our standard finished sachet pack widths range from 45mm to 315mm wide. The lengths or repeats can vary depending on volume of fill.

Yes, we can heat-seal many types of mono and recyclable film. If you are looking to supply your own packaging, we would require samples to test.

We work with any materials that the customer requires and that we can process, however we advise on sustainable materials for everything we quote, as we are all trying to do our best to save the planet.

Design & print

We have a dedicated in-house design team that can work with you on packaging design all the way from suggesting innovative and practical packaging formats to designing your entire brand and range of packaging.

Our Design and Print Manager offers this service to ensure your print looks amazing and meets your expectations.

Processes & Accreditations

We are proud to have ISO:9001:2015 Quality Accreditation, be a BCMPA Accredited member and our manufacturing facilities are registered by the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA), our registered plant number is 38/070/8001 ABP/MED.

Yes of course, we welcome visits to our premises by prior arrangement, you can have a site tour or just stop for a coffee and a chat about an opportunity.

Once you get in touch with us the process will look something like this: Discuss requirements and information gathering including any samples from yourself – Quotation send & acceptance – Production planning including specification creation and approval – Production & Quality – Transport & deliver – Follow up for feedback… with lot’s of our expertise included!

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