Innovation across packaging and packing

We are constantly evolving to support the brands we work with, we have to!

The business environment is ever-changing so we have a philosophy of continuous improvement, resulting in a commitment to serve our customers and scale if required to meet their needs better.

From unique packaging solutions to help your brand stand out to 3D-printing a machine part to solve a production challenge we are always looking to move forward in our support of your brand.

Leading by innovation

As a leading contract packer we run our shop floor operations using the latest software that is purpose built for the contract packing industry.

Our design team can also offer innovative ideas for your brand, whilst our sales team can propose both practical and sustainable packing solutions that we know work.

We would love to work with you on any ideas you may already have, or help come up with some new and innovative ideas in line with your branding and project requirements, and help you thrive.

Embracing technology

“Digitalisation of contract packing is essential to ensure we can keep pace with growth. By introducing Nulogy’s software we have a clear strategic opportunity to offer the best possible, streamlined contract packing service to our customers”

Jayne Tarrant, Managing Director

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