Helping to protect the world one pack at a time

As a leading contract packaging company, we aim to reverse our impact on climate change by supporting climate positive initiatives.

Packaging is the most outward testament to a brand’s commitment to sustainability. Socially responsible processes are not only good for the planet and the people who live there, but they are also good for building positive brand awareness, minimising environmental impact and improving long-term profitability. We can advise on packaging recyclability and suitability, how to reduce overall material usage, and minimise transport cost through packaging efficiencies.

How we are contributing

There are many ways we can do our part to help the planet. Here are just a few of the ways we are helping.


Trees funded to date


Tonnes of CO2e avoided with continuous contribution to Ecologi Forest


Internal recycling program


We advise on sustainable packaging solutions for our customers

Ecologi Partnership*

As a leading contact packaging company we needed to step up. In January 2022, we began our journey with Ecologi, an organisation designed to plant trees across the world to help reverse climate change.

One of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and prevent the planets temperature rising is to plant trees.

Look at the Glowcroft forest to see how our changes are impacting our planet.

* Together we can make a difference

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