contract packing for Consumer Products

Cost-effective and innovative packaging solutions for consumer products*

We have extensive experience in packing a variety of consumer products & offer various design and packing formats with the aim of creating the most cost-effective and practical packaging solutions for all manner of consumer products, ranging from household products to rodenticides and fishing baits.

We are committed to offering an unrivalled personal touch to brand owners, as well as first class attention to detail. You can depend on Glowcroft to look after your products and package them in premium condition for the point of sale.

Suitable for:
Household / Cleaning Products
Household Fragrances
Glue Sticks
Fishing Baits

Consumer product packing capabilities*

Full contract packing service

Full contract packing service

We can pack a broad range of free flowing products and liquids including magnesium flakes, cleaning products, glue sticks, ant powder, slug baits and household fragrances.

Source and supply

Source and supply

We can also source products and advise on the best way to package them for point of sale if required.

Range of packaging solutions

Range of packaging solutions

From testing the market with new products to filling high-volume, established product ranges, we provide innovative and practical packing solutions, including pouches, sachets, cartons, block bottom bags, cardboard tubes, bottles, flow-wrapping and containers/tubs.

We work across consumer sectors for innovative brands*

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Standardising a range for maximum quality, efficiency and appeal

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