Mr Big VFFS article

As our business has expanded along with our customer base, requirements for jobs have increased.  To better serve our clients, we have now invested in an additional machine to allow us to fulfil more customer orders.

The new equipment – nicknamed ‘Mr Big’ by our production staff because of its mammoth size – is a specialist form fill and seal machine that creates packs containing quantities from 100g right up to a whopping 5Kg. Mr Big not only creates the larger packs, but also has an attachment to produce the block-bottom that makes packs self-supporting so they sit neatly on a shelf. With Mr Big, everything from weighing right through to sealing is computer-controlled, speeding up the packing process. We can now create more packs per minute than ever before. Thanks to the computerisation, we can also print barcodes directly onto the packaging, saving money for our customers. Because we can apply the barcode information at the last minute, we can use a universal printed film for different packs – there’s no need to have a separate film for each batch.

All in all, the verdict is that Mr Big is a winner!  If you have any jobs that could benefit from Mr Big’s efficiency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team who would be delighted to help.  

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